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Because Sustainability starts at home, that's where we work

Sustainability is more than a passing trend. It's a way of life that offers long term benefits to the environment and to all who live on this planet. By employing sustainable practices that eliminate toxins in your living space, reduce household waste and reduce your use of fossil fuels, your home becomes a healthy, energy efficient and cost effective living space that helps us all tread lighter every day.

Building Better Results in Better Lives

At CJR Homes, we believe in doing everything as sustainably as we can. It starts from day one helping you design your project. For example, we incorporate passive solar design and specify natural materials whenever possible. We help you make the most sustainable choices that make sense for the project both aesthetically and economically. Our construction process is also sustainable. That means we ride our bikes to your project.  We reuse and recycle whenever possible so that useful materials don’t end up in the landfill. We have a portable solar array that we use to power our projects. And we demand the same commitment to sustainability from our subcontractors.


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