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we're a new kind of builder

Our founders met while working for one of the only green builders in Fort Collins over ten years ago. They knew they could do more. In 2001 they created CJR Homes and committed themselves to building the best housing possible by using traditional and non-traditional materials and methods that push sustainability standards to the highest possible level. They have been building and remodeling sustainable, comfortable, healthful homes ever since.

Our Team

We're a small, committed team that helps you build something better.

Cynthia Reffler

Cynthia iscurrently working on her master’s thesis in Construction Management with an emphasis in Sustainability at Colorado State University. Focusing on a community approach to sustainable systems and construction practices, she aims to apply her research toward making tight, efficient, comfortable homes the norm, not the exception. Cynthia and her wonderful husband currently live in the City Park Neighborhood of Fort Collins and are living the sustainable dream while remodeling their home.

Bruce Brown

Bruce began working with low income households over 20 years ago improving heating systems, correcting air infiltration problems and insulating poorly performing homes through the Larimer County weatherization program. Additionally, he has worked extensively with a solar design company, installing his first solar hot water system in 1982. In the 1990’s, he began working with a local sustainable builder, where he built homes using the best sustainable practices in use at the time. It is through this builder that Bruce and Cynthia met and formed CJR Homes. Bruce and his wife Carol have lived in Old Town Fort Collins for over 25 years and set the precedent when they converted their turn of the century home into a super insulated, high efficiency home.


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